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Eligibility and disqualifying factors for unemployment benefits

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Unemployment benefits | Comments Off on Eligibility and disqualifying factors for unemployment benefits

Unemployment benefits represent a sum of money paid to the individuals after they lose their job. One of the requirements to apply for benefits is that it is not the applicant’s fault that he has lost the job, and he must have the evidence for that obtained from the previous employer.

Other than not being fault for the job dismissal, there are some other requirements to be met, and the first among them is having a certain amount of work experience over the certain period prior to job dismissal. This period is usually one and a half years, but it varies from state to state. This is why, before you decide to apply for benefits, you need to ask at your local unemployment office which period is prescribed for your state, because this way you will know whether you fulfill another eligibility factor or not.


After you are certain that you meet these factors, there are other things to consider in order to see whether you are eligible for benefits or not. First of all, you must be truly unemployed, which means that self-employed people or those with well paid part-time job are not eligible for the unemployment benefits. In case you file a claim for obtaining the benefits, you need to cooperate with the employment office from then on. You are required to respond to any of the letters or requests they send you, because if you fail to do so, the benefits may be cut off.

The employment office will pay you the benefits, but they will also help you find a new job. You are required to be willing to work, to show interest and to accept the job they find for you, unless there is a sound reason to refuse it. Since the period of receiving benefits is limited to one year, it is, after all, in your best interest to find a new job.

In addition to eligibility factors, we will also deal with the factors that make you ineligible for applying for benefits. The first one to be mentioned is refusing a suitable job offered by the employment office. By “suitable” it is implied that the job matches the previous experience, training and education of the individual, and in case he has refused such job during the period of unemployment, it will make him ineligible for unemployment benefits.


In case you already receive the benefits, if you refuse a suitable job found by the employment office during this period, the benefits will be cut off.

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Another set of factors is related to the reasons for dismissal. If the worker was dismissed for misconduct, such as stealing, conflicting behavior and the like, he is not eligible for benefits. Also, if he has left the job voluntarily, without a sound reason to do so, it also makes him ineligible for receiving the benefits. If the worker is temporarily unemployed because of a strike, it also does not grant him the right to receiving benefits. Lastly, if the worker is receiving any other compensation, such as social security, a private pension, severance pay or worker’s compensation, he is also not entitled to receiving the unemployment benefits. If you want to know more please visit the GOV UK benefits information page.

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